Keith Taylor's DVD's

 These beautifully packaged movies contain soundtracks with music composed and performed by Keith. All of the following DVD’s are available by “snail mail” for $10.00 each plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.

To order, please send a check for $13.00 made payable to:

Keith Taylor

46194 Rock Creek Town Road

Haines, OR,  97833

Click on the DVD titles below to watch these silent movies on Keith's YouTube Channel and enjoy these classic movies with music composed and performed by Keith Taylor.

It's The Old Army Game A silent movie from 1926 starring W.C. Fields Stella Maris (with Mary Pickford-Ida Waterman Herbert Standing-Conway Tearle) The Son of the Sheik Silent film from 1926 starring Rudolph Valentino
7th Heaven (with Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell) Ace of Hearts (with Lon Chaney) Sally of the Sawdust (with Carol Dempster and W. C. Fields) 
The Sheik (with Agnes Ayres and Rudolph Valentino) The Penalty (with Lon Chaney The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (with Rudolph Valentino and Alice Terry) 
Lilac Time (with Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper)

Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde (with John Barrymore) Flesh and the Devil (with Greta Garbo)

"The Gold Rush" with (Charlie Chaplin) "Live at Mad Matilda's Vol 1" with photography by Whit Deschner and music composed and performed by Keith Taylor (Piano).  "Live at Mad Matilda's Vol 2" with photography by Whit Deschner and music composed and performed by Keith Taylor (Piano). 
Ivor Novello in The Lodger...a story of the London fog

Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist epic science-fiction drama film

The Birth of a Nation is a 1915 American silent epic drama film directed and co-produced by D. W. Griffith and starring Lillian Gish
Old Ironsides Silent Movie Music composed and performed by Keith Taylor-Piano Produced by James Cruze, Old Ironsides (1926) is a silent film starring Charles Farrell, Esther Ralston, Wallace Beery, and George Bancroft. Disk 2
1. Gold Bar Rag
2. Original Rags
3. American Rag
4. April Fool
5. Improv. On Arkansas Rag
6. Improv. On Four Titles
7. Improv. On Two Titles
8. Unfinished Rag
9. Bumble Boogie
10. Booker’s Boogie
Disk 1 "Top Ten"
  1. Razor Blades
  2. Improv. Five Foot Two
  3. Improv. Avalon
  4. Improv. Love Me Tender
  5. Nola
  6. Improv. Spirit in the Wind
  7. Improv. Obama Stomp
  8. Improv. Blacksmith Blues
  9. Improv. Spanish 2
  10. Improv. Spanish

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