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Keith plays Improv. on Telephone Number at the Ragtime In Review 2003 in Roseburg Oregon.

Keith Taylor 2

Keith plays James Booker Medley in California at Sutter Creek Music Festival in 2000.

Keith Taylor 3

Keith plays Gold Bar Rag at the 2016 Shaniko Music Festival, in Wasco County, Oregon.

More About Keith:

Pianist/composer Keith Taylor specializes in ragtime and early American music. He also performs and composes music for silent movies and teaches music at Blue Mountain Community College, Baker City, Oregon. Taylor founded the Cascade Ragtime and Vintage Music Festival, the Shaniko Ragtime and Vintage Music Festival, co-founded the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, and Fresno Flats Ragtime and Vintage Music Festival, and currently directs the Cascade Ragtime Society.

He began playing ragtime in 1972. His previous background was in classical music, having received music degrees in composition and piano, plus having studied in Paris, France. A native Oregonian, he moved back to Azalea, Oregon in 1978 and then to Haines, Oregon in 2000 where he works as a freelance pianist, piano teacher and composer.

Keith Taylor is available as a pianist and composer for any type of musical performance. He also performs original music to silent movies. For more information on recordings and appearances please contact Keith.

To learn more about Keith Taylor please visit his Biography page and subscribe to his YouTube Channel to see all his past and upcoming performances.

        “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci 

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